The most comprehensive guide for the best final table strategy is here

Picture this scenario: After spending several hours on a poker tournament, you are now at last at the final table of the online room you picked. Out of the hundreds who joined, 700 exited and only 10 of you are left. The prizes are now dramatically increasing for every place and in fact this is your biggest price ever, something that could change your bankroll overnight.

While reaching the final table is every player's dream, not all of them have ironed out their final table strategy. Every move is crucial at this point - one mistake could cost you hundreds or thousands of money. Here is the compilation of the top 5 final table strategy any player will need when he gets to the finals.

Tip No. 1: Keep An Eye On The Remaining 3 Tables

You will instantly gain leverage on the competition if you have read how others play right before you face off at the finals. When only the 3 tables are left, keep an eye on each one and take note of the style of your prospective opponents. Pay attention to how aggressive they are, their bluffs and uncommon bet sizes. Any information could help you along the way.

Tip No. 2: Look For The Players Who Are Strongly Intent On Winning

Even though everybody wants to bag the grand pot, there are players whose top priority is to climb up on the payment level. Determining which players aim to win from those that want to go up the payment ladder is a crucial factor in any player's final table strategy. If you find timid ones who aren't likely to make risky moves, make it a point to engage them in numerous hands.

Tip No. 3: Study About The Basic ICM

ICM stands for "Independent Chip Model." This model takes into consideration the fact that the value of chips change as the match progresses and that changes in the final pot mean lost chips are more valuable than those won from individual hands. You can opt not to use this but it pays to understand how it works since some people might employ it to their advantage.

Tip No. 4: Be Conscious of Stack Sizes

Upon reaching the finals, there will be varying stack sizes. Ensure you know everyone's stack size as this can affect how they perform in the match. For example, those with small stacks could be desperate to put it all in, while those with larger stacks could raise while lacking strong hands. Your stack is also significant. This will be your guide on how loose or tight you are going to play.

Tip No. 5: Practice Heads-Up

In order to take the final pot, you must beat the last man standing heads-up. Players who are only familiar with full tables can have a hard time coping to this. If you are one of these people, it's best to practice heads-up with anyone available to you.