Quadruple your hourly earnings with poker multi tabling!

Among the advantages of online poker over live playing is poker multi tabling - a feature that enables players to join multiple tables at once. A lot of poker rooms on the internet allow opening more than a single table and play simultaneously. Others even developed a mini window view so you can fit 2 to 4 tables in one screen. These are in fact, features available only in the best online casinos in the world.

Poker multi tabling has been very popular among regular players who would gallantly play with up to 8 tables and sometimes even more. The main reason behind this is to allow players to increase their hourly earnings. It appears to be quite easy, you just have to open several windows and you'd have the chance to multiply your earnings a couple of times. But you have to consider the fact that there's a chance your performance will deteriorate with the more windows you open.

Winning By Poker Multi Tabling

Every time you do poker multi tabling, you can expect that your hourly winnings from every table will lessen. This will be due to the multitasking that will be needed to manage multiple tables, unlike if there was only one table where you could focus your entire attention to. It will be even more challenging to hands on players since you'd be very busy making your moves to read other players. But there's no need to be discouraged from poker multi tabling; you still have a big chance to win.

Deciding How Many Tables To Play

This is the biggest challenge in using multiple tables. You have to find the best number of tables that will maximize your earnings. If you only play at one table, you earn less, but if you play at too many tables, you can also lose if you cannot keep track of everything. There has to be a balance between maximizing earnings and dividing your attention. Most people play between 2 and 4 tables and get the best results.

Your strategy should be to play the standard poker, where strong hands are wagered and weak hands are folded. It's difficult to play at numerous tables if you still have to make complicated moves. Exhaustion will be your enemy when multi tabling. You'd be more tired if you have to make more complicated moves.

Getting involved in numerous tables is a great choice for anyone looking to improve their hourly earnings. It doesn't need too many special skills. But before opening many ones, better start at 2 first and work your way from there so you can't be overwhelmed and instead make this an enjoying and rewarding experience.