Accumulate more chips by improving your bubble play!

Experienced players have more advantage when playing online poker because they have a huge overlay. In a game, most players usually unknowingly put a lot of money on the pot, and this is the best chance to take them and gather more chips. Improving your bubble play can be done through the following tips:

Raise - You should never ever limp because there is a very big chance that you will win without a showdown.

Fold - A lot of players on the bubble will not have the courage to push back even if they are well aware that you're stealing. You do not have to call all hands that are ahead of your position. You can take back the chips you've folded away in one orbit. Improving your bubble play means you do not join all showdowns in the table as you can make a lot of money without doing it.

Go for the weak players - The person in the blind, your table position and your cards are the three factors that determine when an open raise is decided. Before the bubble starts, make sure you already know who are in the game just to win some cash.

Know your competitors - Your real competition in the bubble are those who are also aiming to snag the major prizes and pick up the money thrown by the play-to-cashers.

Check the chat box - You will know your competitors and the changing table dynamics if you look at the chat box. Pay attention to any clues you can find in the conversation when you need to make hard decisions.

Do not single out a player - Do not abuse the same player over and over again. By doing so, you would only push him into the right game direction. Rotate your targets all the time.

Defend your blinds - Usually, even the most aggressive players will back off if you call your blinds multiple times.

Look after other players' blinds - When improving your bubble play, do not be intimidated of the aggressive player on your right side. Consider this as an opportunity since he puts money in the pot defenseless. Defend the play-to-cashers' blinds if they can't do it.

Do the last bet - With a lot of table action going on, lots of people will see flops without having strong hands. What you need to do is organize the betting in a way that you're the one pushing all-in.

Arrive stacked - There will be times when you could benefit from getting to the bubble prepared with a stack that can let you steal. Put the techniques you learned about today in practice against other real players. Select the sites with the best live poker rooms you want to play on for free thanks to the no deposit bonuses from NoDepositBeaver. Our favorite is the Fantastic Mr. Green Casino. Still, you feel free to visit any website you prefer.