Here's how to know when folding the winning hand is not a mistake

Almost all people experienced folding the winning hand, later realizing it was a mistake. It really feels awful but it just happens at times. No matter how much players like to believe that they are good at reading poker tells and making the best moves, it's just not true. There are times when the situation is too risky, you will be forced to folding the winning hand. However, there are also instances when people folding the winning hand do not really need to do so.

If you consider doing this, you surely do not see that it is your best hand. You should be confident with your moves and your reads. You won't be right all the time, but you won't be wrong every time, too. Do not ever let negative thoughts to permanently take up space in your head. You may be in a tight position but it doesn't mean your opponents are doing better than you. You just need to find a way around it. You still got the winning hand and you can still win if you increase your share on the pot.

The worst attitude a poker player can have is being too afraid to lose cash. This will just cause you to lose more. Folding the winning hand could be comparable to getting robbed and this often happens to players that are too scared to lose.

Meanwhile, there will be instances when this would be your only choice. If a player puts a very large amount of cash on a relatively small pot, like what inexperienced players commonly do, and you believe you got the strongest hand, it could be not worth the risk. Unless you are a hundred percent certain that yours is the winning hand, there is no point risking your entire bankroll on that one hand. It's good to have a strong hand but it can be beaten. Folding the winning hand is not the best idea when the pot is big. It is worth finding out if you can win or not.