World Poker Championship Winners

The world series of poker is one of the most prestigious events held every year. It is the opportunity to watch some of the best gamblers in their natural habitat pitted against each other playing for gold and glory.

WPC Champion 2013

The latest of the World poker Championship winners, is Ryan Riess who has recently gotten the moniker "Riess the Beast". This 23 year old professional from Waterford, WI had only been to one tournament before this one and became a bracelet winner by 2013. Not only that, he also became number 10 on the WSOP money list of all time. His total winnings accumulate to $ 361,570.

In the final rounds he was put up against two bracelet winners and a range of accomplished players representing different countries. Nonetheless, he managed to win what was the 8th largest tournament in the history of poker.

Chad Holloway

Chad Holloway was one of the many to win the coveted WSOP bracelet. This one was earned after Chad won the No Limit Hold'em event for $1500. This win was the result of a 90 minute challenge with 55 runners. Chad's total winnings accumulated to form $84,915.

Trevor Pope

The second event was taken by Trevor Pope who was a part of the No Limit Hold'em Eight Handed. Starting on day 4, he had about half the chips which were in play. About 4 hours after this entry, he managed to collect all of them. In fact he also managed to eliminate 6 out of 7 contenders in the game. This core was the largest of his entire career. His total winnings accumulated to $553,906.

Charles Sylvestre

The third round went to Charles Sylvestre who also took home the prestigious gold bracelet and an amazing $491,360. This bracelet wasn't his first and he became the only other player apart from Daniel Negreanu to win bracelets after round 3. This bracelet was obtained in No Limit Hold'em Poker after a quick and exciting game that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

John Beauprez

The fourth WPC winner was John Beauprez who took home a gold bracelet and $324,764. After contending with 1069 other entries and 3 days of grueling challenges, this win was well deserved.